Stay Healthy By Completing All Required Tests

Annual visits to your family physician are helpful to make sure you are healthy and avoiding detrimental health conditions. At times, these visits are followed by a referral for different scans or tests. Medical Resonance Imaging, also known as an MRI, is one such test. However, a traditional MRI requires a person to be surrounded by a small tube and can cause significant issues for anyone with claustrophobia.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Handle an MRI?

For those who struggle to stay still during a traditional MRI, there are alternatives. Some medical scanning offices have an open MRI scanner that can complete the test in a less restrictive environment.

Patients who undergo an open MRI find they are more relaxed and can stay calm through communication with the technician. Meanwhile, they are accomplishing the necessary testing and allow for better diagnosis by their family physician.

What Does an Open MRI record?

The test is non-invasive and allows the recording of images of the body that are highly accurate. People who are of a larger stature will benefit from this type of scan, as will anyone who has issues with claustrophobia or confinement.

open MRI scanner

Certain body types can not be accommodated with the traditional MRI. These people have no issues with the open MRI, and the scan can be completed to ensure their health and safety into the future. This is a valuable offering that could not otherwise be accomplished.

Will I Be Alone?

The Open MRI is located in a room with a high quality sound system. Therefore, while the technicians are in a nearby room, they communicate with the patient regularly and help them stay calm. The table is padded to allow more comfort for the patient undergoing the scan, and the process is closely monitored to avoid any discomfort or problems with the process.