What are the Symptoms of TMJ?

TMJ is a disorder that causes acute or chronic pain in the TMJ joint. This joint connects the skill and the mandible. Thousands of people are affected by TMJ, those people each experiencing a variety of signs and symptoms that the condition. Both men and women suffer from TMJ and it does not care how old you are. Below, learn more about this disorder and some of the major signs that indicate it is present in your life.

If you suspect that TMJ is affecting you, it is important to book an appointment at the dentist of your choice. All Smiles Dental works with patients suffering from TMJ on a weekly basis, giving them expertise to handle these conditions. Providing a variety of sound treatment solutions, ASD ensure that TMJ does not interfere with your life more than it has already.

But, what are the signs that indicate a problem with TMJ? The most common complaint that TMJ sufferers have is the pain, but you might also notice a clicking noise when the jaw moves. Also, you might find that your jaw hurts when you wake up in the mornings or after you’ve eaten even a small meal. Many TMJ patients also experience frequent headaches, including migraines.

All Smiles Dentalexperience frequent headaches

Patients who experience the signs and symptoms above should not hesitate to schedule an appointment with the dentist. There are many issues that may be responsible for the pain and many areas of the mouth that TMJ affects. Many patients experience neck pain, back pain, and pain in the teeth. Once you visit the dentist, a proper diagnosis can be made so treatment can then begin. The dentist has several treatments that he can provide, dependent on your desires and the way TMJ has affected you.