What Do I Need For A Home Studio?

As a hobby photographer, you don’t always have a photo studio. If you still want to take portrait or product photos in a studio, read here what you need for a home studio. Depending on your budget, you build a studio at home where you can take professional photos.

Enough Space

First of all, you need enough space to build your home studio. This can be a space in the house that you hardly use, but also a shed or garage. Don’t have space available? Then you move the furniture in the living room to the side. For beautiful photos, it is important that there is room to move around your subject. That way, you take different positions as a photographer. In addition, there must be equipment around your subject.

Light Sources

Light sources are used in a studio: continuous or flashlight. You can make this as expensive as you want. If you have a small budget, building lamps offer a solution. When you have more to spend, you purchase a continuous light or studio flash. You adjust the intensity of these lights to your own liking.

Light Formers

On the light sources, you place light generators that determine the hardness of the light. Well-known light formers are softboxes, snoots and umbrellas. As the name suggests, a softbox makes the light softer. That way, you create soft shadows. The opposite is a snoot. This light shaper bundles the light so that the light falls directly on the subject. This creates hard shadows. You use a snoot to lighten a small part.

Smooth Background

You often see a uniform background for photos taken in a photo studio. This ensures that the background does not distract from the subject. If there is no smooth wall in the room, you create a suitable background with a large roll of paper or a sheet. Sometimes you see backgrounds with a motif, and you can also choose this. For example, play with the background motif and the clothes of your model.

Studio table

When you are photographing small products, it is nice to use a studio table. That is how you work standing. At a studio table, the background and background merge. This way, you will not be bothered by the transition into the background. Because the white plate of the table is translucent, you also illuminate the subject from the bottom. This way, you remove the shadow that is created by light from the top, and you take neutral photos.


A tripod is not a requirement to take studio photos, but it is a handy accessory. With a tripod, you can easily shoot photos from the same point of view. You take a series of photos without moving. If you have found a good position, leave the tripod. That way, you don’t always have to look for that one point of view. When you use a tripod, you take photos without motion blur. You need this, for example, for macro photography.

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